End-to-end Identity Repair

NIC offers an executive level, full service identity restoration package. We provide you with:

  • An exclusive identity professional that will work by your side through each step of the process
  • Complete package of what we need to restore your identity
  • Guaranteed results – We have had restored the identity of over 1500 individuals and counting

What To Expect

Once the Identity Counselor that has been assigned to you has gone over and collected the necessary information from you, you can expect to see results in as little as 5 business days. This means that you will see the items that you have deemed part of your identity theft disappear.

What Kind Of Results Can I Realistically Expect?

Although NIC has a very effective product, the credit bureaus do not always do what they are supposed to. The bureaus only allot their employees a couple of minutes to handle your case, which is in no way far to you, so things do fall through the cracks. The good news is that NIC will guarantee you see 80% results - or you are entitled to a "no hassle" refund*.

A Life Saver

"My credit was in shambles before I called National Identity Commission. The repair process was fast, and they stayed in touch with me the entire time. Thanks for giving me my life back!"

Jennifer Doherty - Little Rock, AR

5 Days, Back In Business

"So glad a friend of mine shared NIC with me, because I was sure that this identity theft thing was going to have me stranded. I called, and 5 days later I had my credit restored. Can’t say enough!"

Sam Evanson - Chicago, IL